Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustments

Break through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma so you can thrive.


Chiropractic adjustments aim to remove blockages within the body that are preventing the body from optimal function. 


Each adjustment is unique to the individual.



  • Release blockages or stagnant energy within the body

  • Unfold and release layers of intertwined injuries and trauma

  • Realign the body and find balance

  • Promote optimal health from prenatal through golden years

  • Address the cause of injury or trauma - heal beyond the symptoms

  • Heal the entire system affected by the injury or trauma

Focused Sessions

Designed for those who want transformation and rapid evolution in healing. 

Focused sessions are offered in 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min intervals.


  • Focused targeted treatment on areas of concern such as chronic conditions and past traumas layered deep within the body

  • Exponential improvements with persistent conditions

  • Clear old patterns and stagnant energy

  • Address the roots of old injuries

  • Energetic-physical integrations 

  • Soft tissue and organ care

  • Expansive metaphysical insights

  • Great for those who are sensory-input and energetically sensitive and aware

  • Perfect for those who are traveling and want to maximize their potential for transformation before returning home.

Consultations are recommended prior to booking.


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