Crystal healing

This ancient healing technique helps heal old and new wounds while increasing energy flow into the body. Enjoy a general state of well being and relaxation.

Areas of focus:

  • Emotional - balance mood swings, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma

  • Lower Mind - lower ego; over-active thoughts

  • Physical Body - pain or current injuries

  • Astral - feeling 'spacey' or 'out of body', misplacing items alot (losing keys or phone frequently)

  • Time Enhancement - always running late, feeling rushed

  • Pure Mind - connection with higher self

  • Libido - low drive or motivation, lethargic, lack of interest or passion

  • Empowerment - promote self worth, confidence



Add on to any Chiropractic Focused Session, Facial, or as a Single Session.

15-30 minutes - $30


3121 E Madison St | Suite 103A

Seattle WA 98112

Tuesday: 2pm-7pm

Thursday/Friday: 9am - 2pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

ph: (206) 695-2579


Mukilteo Natural Health Clinic

610 5th St.

Mukilteo WA 98275

Schedule TBD

ph: (206) 695-2579

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