We set a safe space encouraging the exploration of holistic healthcare services for maximizing health.


We help you break through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma so you can thrive. 


Our goal is to help you get to an optimal state of health that your body doesn't require medical care. Isn't that how it should be? We think so.


Dr. John Folta, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Our resident miracle worker and chiropractic magician will honor your time here by deeply listening to what your needs and goals are

Dr. Folta's application and approach to the art of chiropractic is holistic and comprehensive. He addresses both the physical and energetic bodies to help patients achieve transformative healing.


Dr. Folta's adjustments are unique to the individual and will differ each visit based on their progression and goals.

His belief is within each person there is a beautiful gift and it is his mission to help them blossom into their full potential and share their unique gifts with the world.

Techniques that Dr. Folta uses include: BGI, MLS, Tao of Chiropractic, Diversified, Thompson, Toggle Recoil, activator, and impulse.

Dr. Folta completed his undergraduate studies at Life University in Georgia. Prior to his chiropractic studies he served his country with eight years on duty with the U.S. Navy as a submarine nuclear electrician.


Christie Rae

Licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Microblading Brow Artist

Each of us carries a unique ray of light - an expression of the Divine within us.

The services Christie offers she helps that light shine through.

Relax and restore balance to the physical body and the energetic layers that make up our interconnected field of energy known as the auric field. 

Discover a peaceful stillness within to illuminate your brightest light from within.

Christie Rae is a Licensed Master Esthetician and Microblading brow artist practicing since 2012 and upholds certification as a Life Activation Practitioner through the Modern Mystery School.

SRP_Biz_Connor_Iglieski_RT2T6A8559 (1).j

Connor Igielski

Licensed Massage Therapist

& Reiki Master

Connor is a Cortiva Institute graduate. He understands the body under different facets that make his work effective for most people. Helping people move out of pain and back into their normal swing of life is the ultimate goal within his practice, with the primary focus being treatment work. Along with being trained in Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial techniques, Connor is also a certified Reiki Master.



Our official door greeter is sure to enthusiastically entertain you with his favorite bouncy ball.

This furry little guy knows just how to make you smile down, and he's always in the mood for a good snuggle.


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