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Keeping Life
in Motion

New Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness blends the latest technology and techniques with traditional chiropractic care to reduce your pain and increase your range of motion.


This approach empowers New Leaf patients to pursue healthy, active lives.


Under the leadership of Dr. Shaka Hatcher, we are ready to bring a new, innovate level of care to Madison Park.

The stresses of modern life impact us all. As we work to achieve optimal health and wellness, our bodies take the brunt of all life throws at us.


Even though we exercise and stay active, no one is immune from too much time spent sitting or looking at phones and tablets – and too little time to pause and deal with nagging pains.


We understand.

As an educator and listener, Dr. Hatcher takes time to truly hear his patient’s concerns.


At New Leaf we provide you the space to share your story and history. Dr. Hatcher’s thoughtful questioning improves the care plan customized for you.

If you’re ready to partner with a care provider that has the latest technology, shares your goal of living a healthy life, and listens to you before creating a custom care plan, click below to schedule an appointment.

At New Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness, we offer complimentary consultations.


This allows you to meet with Dr. Hatcher to explore your options.

Our Services

X-Ray Results

New Patient Exam

45 min | $120

Comprehensive time shared with the doctor to create a customized and individualized plan to help you meet your specific wellness goals.


60 min | $250

The nervous system establishes programs that control human posture, movement and gait. DNS is designed to restore and stabilize locomotor function. Click here to learn more.


Chiropractic Adjustment

15 min | $65

Chiropractic adjustments aim to release blockages within the system that are preventing the body from optimal function, health and vitality.


New Patient Consultation with Dr. Hatcher

20 min | complimentary

Let us help you meet your health and wellness goals. We'll explore many options of how we can help you achieve your best health.


Focused Sessions

30 min $110 | 60 min $240

Designed for those who want transformation and rapid evolution in healing. Focused targeted treatment on areas of concern such as chronic conditions and past traumas layered deep within the body.

WOman Running.JPG

Aspen Laser Therapy

Prices and Packages Vary

Living with diabetic neuropathy or fibromyalgia pain? Our laser therapy can help reduce pain and get you back to enjoying your life.

Click here to read more.

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