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Our Vision

Dr. Shaka Hatcher


Wellness Advocate



My life is characterized by motion and a deep sense of adventure.


I am at home any place in the world when I’m enjoying the great outdoors. I’ve gone mountain climbing in India. I’ve played for and coached rugby teams in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. I’ve spent time in various parts of Kenya sailing and on safari, plus I’ve hiked in The Serengeti. 


On the weekends, depending on the location and season, you’ll probably find me mountain biking, fly-fishing, hiking, skiing, body surfing, playing basketball, or rugby.


For me, movement is synonymous with being alive.


I’ve brought that perspective into the work I do as an educator and Chiropractor over the last 20+ years. Both my studies and life experience have taught me about the powerful connection between our breath, posture, movement, and emotions.


This connection affects who we are, how we show up in the world, and how we communicate with each other. As a result, it has a profound impact on our quality of life.


Many of the individuals who come to see me are facing a crossroad in their wellness journey. They often know making lifestyle changes are at the root of good health, but may struggle with deciding which path is best for them.


I work with my patients to develop a customized roadmap, filled with the best mind-body practices and communication tools so they can optimize their well-being. As a result, those who work with me report feeling empowered with the right skills and tailored plan, which helps them live their best lives.

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