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My Path to New Life Chiropractic & Wellness

After growing up in Michigan, my professional journey started when I attended The University of Northern Colorado. I studied kinesiology with an emphasis on outdoor physical education. My time there also gave me my first tastes of international travel and cultural immersion.

As I finished up my studies, I felt drawn to New Zealand. I completed my student teaching and moved into a full-time position at a high school in Taihape, in the Rangitikei District of the North Island. I loved giving kids a great foundation for their own life journey. Better still, I played for a local rugby team during my off hours. That lead to me being welcomed into and fully engaged in the Maori culture. But the cherry on top of my experiences in that country was meeting and marrying my wife.

Soon after, opportunity and adventure back in the United States called. My wife and I answered by moving to Colorado in 2001, where I played for The Gentlemen of Aspen Rugby Club. About a year into that experience, Life University approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse: play for their team and receive a scholarship to advance my studies in any area I wanted.

We spent the next chapter of our lives in Atlanta. I competed on LU’s rugby team while I completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic. The degree choice was a natural progression of my lifestyle and studies. I knew it would position me to share my passion for sports, movement, and wellness in a greater way.

In 2004, we welcomed our first son. Two years later, I finished my degree and our family was ready for a change. Atlanta wasn’t very conducive to the outdoor lifestyle we craved. So we headed to Australia where the weather was consistently beautiful, we could live near the beach, and I could continue playing and coaching rugby.

While in Australia, my second son was born in 2007. I also founded and grew Bundilla Family Chiropractic in Mooloolaba, Queensland. My business and I became known for supporting local youth sports teams, adult athletic clubs, and those who took a proactive approach to their health.

After being a staple in the community for 14 years, my wife, sons, and I agreed we were ready for another change of pace. We were open to experiencing a different physical and cultural environment. So in 2020, we decided we would move closer to some of our family members in the Seattle, Washington area.

Over the course of my career, I have passed on some of the best wellness practices and wisdom I’ve learned to be healthier and whole. My background as a teacher influences my approach. Rather than viewing manifested health ailments as a problem fixable with a prescription, my practice is more holistic.

I work hand in hand with my clients, educating them on how to take better care of themselves and to make their bodies better so they can enjoy life to the full. Healing is a process, and I help people take responsibility for the part they play. I see my role as a partner in their wellness journey.

Now that I’m in the Seattle area, my current home base is New Leaf Chiropractic & Wellness. I am excited to expand on my signature work so that everyone I come in contact with feels empowered to create with intention a life they love.

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